Inside Pitch Live and Nationals Prize Packs

Winners of Inside Pitch Live competitions can score a Nationals Prize Pack.
Winners of Inside Pitch Live competitions can score a Nationals Prize Pack.

If you go to Nationals Park early for batting practice, there is a chance that you’ve seen plenty of episodes of Inside Pitch Live on NatsHD.

Inside Pitch Live is hosted by Mike Ploger, the Nationals in-game host, and it often features three contestants who compete in a variety of amusing competitions.  Some of the more common games are Pictionary and trivia.  There have also been unique competitions like last year’s hot dog topping contest which was judged by David Guas—the host of Grill Nation on the Travel Channel.

As I entered the stadium on Monday evening through the center field gate, I was asked by Natalie, a member of the NatPack, if I wanted to participate in that evening’s episode.  I agreed and was joined by two other Nationals fans including the purveyor of the Jayson Werth Gnome twitter account.

When the show started, we introduced ourselves to the fans and answered questions from Mike about how many games we went to this season.  I also showed off my Bear Alert poster (which has since been praised by Aaron Barrett himself).

The competition was formatted so that the three of us would compete for two Nationals prize packs.  The theme of the first competition was Thomas Jefferson trivia.  I began to think back to high school history class (the Louisiana Purchase, the Barbary War, Deism etc.) to try to get a friendly competitive advantage.

The questions were pretty simple and I actually won, so I didn’t participate in the next competition—a Rock Em Sock Em Robots fight!  Here are some of the questions from trivia:

I answered questions about Tom during trivia. (Nationals)
I answered questions about Tom during trivia. (Nationals)
  • What number does Tom wear?
  • Where was Thomas Jefferson born?
  • When was Thomas Jefferson born?
  • True or False: Tom didn’t win his first President’s Race this season until June 24.

The Nationals prize pack that I won was very nice.  It came with two T-shirts, a rally towel, a Baseball Returns DVD, a 2012 postseason program and a reusable bag.

If you want the opportunity to participate I would also advise you to get to Nationals Park about an hour before the game starts.  More importantly, my advice is to look enthusiastic because the NatPack is looking for enthusiastic participants to entertain fans.

Good luck!

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