Giveaway Review: Nationals Cap (Grade: A)

Baseball caps are one of the most personal giveaways of the season.  Just think about it.  You arrive at the ballpark and you immediately personalize it by adjusting the size, bending the brim or turning it backwards.  These giveaways are retained by fans for years and, unlike Jayson Werth Chia Pets, are less likely to appear in an Ebay listing.

The Washington Nationals have distributed thousands of caps courtesy of Miller Lite over the last five years.  We saw tri-color caps in 2011, retro caps in 2012, mesh caps in 2013 and even caps retrofitted with bottle openers in 2014.

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The 2015 caps distributed to the first 15,000 fans 21 and up are the most stylish caps the team has given away.  The Velcro adjustable cap has a red brim and a raised “Curly W” sewn into the front of the grey crown.  The Miller Lite logo is blue and is less conspicuously sewn into the left side of the cap.


Fans were excited about this cap giveaway and expressed their approval of the caps by posting instant feedback online.  Plenty of photos of fans posing with the caps flooded Twitter and Instagram which was expected because the cap is original and fashionable.

What did you think?  We thought it was a home run.

Grade: A

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