Welcome Nationals Fans!

Welcome to Nats Gallery Blog–your one stop shop for Washington Nationals analysis and opinion!  At Nats Gallery Blog, we cover a wide range of topics ranging from player performance to game day promotions.  The @NatsGalleryBlog Twitter page is where you can find daily analysis and commentary.

The Name

A college student desperately wanted to see Major League Baseball without breaking the bank.  It wouldn’t be long before he fell in love with the team and the Gallery seats at Nationals Park.  It is only fitting that he honor them by calling this space Nats Gallery Blog.

About Me

Spencer Fogel is the editor of Nats Gallery Blog
Spencer Fogel is the editor of Nats Gallery Blog.

My name is Spencer Fogel and I am presently the sole content originator for Nats Gallery Blog.  I moved to Washington, DC in August 2010 to attend school at The George Washington University and I graduated from the School of Media and Public Affairs in May 2014.  I am currently a partner in a half season plan.  Find me in section 409.

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